December 7 – and the day turned

I got up at 6.30, my bus left at 8.05. I went outside to wait for it at 8… glanced at my cellphone and there was a text message from my teacher – ”Todays anatomy class is canceled”.

It was a  strange feeling to be up that early, and ready for the day – without going anywhere. The outfit took about ten minutes to put together, and five minutes of studying in the mirror afterwards. I wasn’t sure about the yellow (and print!) together with the decorations on the cardigan. But I feel drawn to it, and somehow it just works.

I rarely wear yellow, I have a hard time finding a shade that suits me. This print has a lot of green and brown in it too, wich I think brakes up the yellow. But I think it’s a fantastic color and I wish I could find more pieces that could work for me.

Cardigan: Oasis (a few years back)

Camisole: unknown

and – as always – my velvet jeans. I hadn’t realized until I started this blog how OFTEN I wear these… But it’s the only pair of pants that works for me right now.

In the evening of this day, it was salsa time! The first show was on saturday, the second today, and the last on Tuesday. SO MUCH FUN! Scary, but still so much fun!

Trying to do a salsa-pose here. Sort of 😉 This is one sparkly dress!

Dress: Ichi


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Ett svar till “December 7 – and the day turned

  1. Beautiful salsa dress! And, velvet jeans? Where can I get a pair! I need more velvet in my life!



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