January 11 – work and new adventurous

Oh what a day! I’m trying to channel the 20s, wich is pretty tricky since I have very few items in my wardrobe that has a silhouette that resonates with that time. So I began with a nod to Coco Chanel.Black, simple and rows of pearls (in my case they are quite modern and in different colors).

The black dress: H&M

I wore my black  sheet dress from H&M as a base (even though I realized a little too late that it was too cold to wear in january…) and a black slouchy cardigan on top, to get that longer and relaxed silhouette. You can’t really tell from these pictures, but the cardigan has some details near the collar, and a there’s a touch of sparkles in the fabric.I didn’t get a good detail shot at this, but I did get a close up of my jewellery

Since I’m not really ready to cut my hair into a stylish bob – that would be a tad too drastic – I decided to just put my hair up.

I brought my black/red leopardprint flats to wear inside, for work. My big comfy boots that I wore outside kind of overpowered this look.

In the afternoon I had a voice lesson and at night new dance lessons (!). Boyfriend and I are now going to dance three nights a week, a total of five hours a week. I’m very excited! Even though we’re not at all as experienced as the others in the class, it’s so much fun! And I really feel inspired by all these great dancers!


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