February 24 – simple

I’m still very much into Brigitte Bardot – desperately wanting to get her effortless, tousled hair…
But I overslept today, so I didn’t feel like I had the time for hot rollers and teasing my hair. I did try to get some volume in the hair with four different products and drying my hair upside down. Did a little – not enough to feel Bardot though.

I thought of BB when I picked out the cardigan – I love the color (even though it’s one of those colors that changes depending on what you’re wearing it with and it’s pretty hard to find that perfect pairing. It’s pink, but sometimes it almost looks coral… I think of raspberries when I look at it.)

I don’t think this as an outfit that captures the essence of Bardot. I think a pair of pants or a straighter skirt might have worked better – but I don’t own those items – at least not any that would work in this climate. Yes I go on and on about that, but it seems like the snow isn’t going to budge any time soon… I can give up some comfort for fashion – but that does not include keeping warm!

I used to wear this necklace all the time in 2005, almost every day. I got it from my parents, it’s pieces of gold from Alaska in it. I love that it’s so simple – yet special. Nothing boring about it. I felt really good wearing it, seems like forever since the last time.

I felt like my outfit today wasn’t really special or inspirational – but I felt SO good wearing color again. I’ve missed it immensely!


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Ett svar till “February 24 – simple

  1. caffeinerd

    I LOVE the necklace! So classy and could be worn with so many different outfits.


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