March 25 – I Heart Spring. And my dentist.

It’s been amazing today, the sun was shining and it was actually warm! Surely 15 celsius (ok, I’m sorry but I just don’t know what that is in farenheit…). I think spring does something to us who inhabits my two cities (since I work in one and live in one, I consider myself having a pretty nice relationship with both). Suddenly the streets are filled with people, light coats and jackets has jumped out of the closet and all you really want to do is see your friends and be happy.

Do you live in a sunny warm climate all year? Do you experience this kind of massive euphoria all of you all the time? wouldn’t that be something 😉

Skirt Karen Millen, yellow tank and cardigan bought at MQ.

I did something today I know Boyfriend doesn’t like… you can see it in the picture. I’m wearing my shoes inside… But I just wanted you to see the whole outfit for once, since this skirt has such a big print it works best with heels.

I loved wearing a flower print and bright yellow today – Ah spring!


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5 svar till “March 25 – I Heart Spring. And my dentist.

  1. oh you look just fabulous! the boots are amazing (lovely to see them!) and the bright and cheery yellow is perfect for your mood 🙂 i love the shape of the cardigan, and the skirt, oh my is it amazing! fabulous, just fabulous.

  2. LOVE it all!! =) drooling over the yellow sweater

  3. Love the sunny yellow color and the grey print!

  4. I love the cute summer colours paired down with the grey, I know how you feel about the sunshine coming out finally, I get giddy and want to rush out in summer maxi dresses and then realise it’s still far too cold.

    Love your blog


  5. Love the grey and yellow together, I also love your fabric necklace, so cute! x


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