Let’s go back a few weeks

I haven’t been in for a while, work and trips got in the way. So let’s recap what has happened from the end of march to now.

This outfit is from late march, one of those glorious warm days, a kind of day that really lifts your spirits and makes you want to do one thing… go shopping!

Skirt Versace; pink tank top and purple tights H&M; blue ”tunic” Gina Tricot.

When it comes to color – why tone it down when you can pump it up? I felt just fabulous walking down the streets in this carrying a multitude of shopping bags. Very sex and the city, minus the sex and minus the cocktails…

A few days later (when it sadly, was a bit colder) I wore one of my new finds:

It’s from H&Ms new Garden Collection, this dress is made by recycled polyester – pretty neat right? And yes, that’s a tooth brush in my hand.

The last weekend of march me and Boyfriend danced in a small production of Jesus Christ Superstar, so much fun! Then we headed off for Stockholm and Gävle, for fun and for a christening. I wore another new dress this time

New dress from Soyaconcept, coral cardigan Oasis and necklace Indiska.

It’s been a fun few weeks but I’ve missed this blog – missed the creative side of it and having all my outfits in a neat archive. The good part about having this space is that it inspires me to be creative with my clothes. Taking a few chances, and that can only be good.


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  1. I love the colours in these posts and yes I think all three looks are very Sex in the City (or maybe Sex and the City have just hijacked all the best looks first?) I tend to stick with the darker colours but after seeing this I’ll def be bringing out the brights!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog by the way, Traffic People dresses come up quiet small, I’m a 10 on the bottom and an 8 on top, I had to get a large to fit over my hips and get the top altered but I think thats just the style of this dress (there is NO strech in the satin band) x


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