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March 23 – A sharp tool in the shed and then some

One meeting today that demands a sharp silhouette, some structure and being all together ”business appropriate”. Took me quite a while to figure this look out.

kind of looks like I lost my foot…

I now know for sure that I have gained weight over the past few months. Right now I even feel like things I wore back in january doesn’t fit anymore – it’s a thigh and hip thing. Mostly just annoying, since I don’t have that many pants to begin with and I don’t like to shop for pants. I thought with all the dancing we’re doing that at least my body would stay pretty much the same, if not slim down a bit. Funny thing is, I can’t tell from my pictures or reflection that things have changed, it’s only the fit of my clothes that gives it away. These jeans are still a bit too tight, especially in the front and the waist but hey that can be a good thing from behind 😉

My teeth are hurting too, it’s that the part that brings on the wisdom? You call them wisdom teeth too, in the US, Canada, Britain, Australia?

The jacket’s from Italy, picked it up five or six years ago.

But it is sunny today! Wow, the sun can really make up for a million things, like weight and pain – Happy!  And oh,  I bought flowers today, I think they’re just spectacular!

I’m making a dress for one of the dance numbers we’re doing this weekend, in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m excited, inspired and very very scared all at the same time.


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January 11 – work and new adventurous

Oh what a day! I’m trying to channel the 20s, wich is pretty tricky since I have very few items in my wardrobe that has a silhouette that resonates with that time. So I began with a nod to Coco Chanel.Black, simple and rows of pearls (in my case they are quite modern and in different colors).

The black dress: H&M

I wore my black  sheet dress from H&M as a base (even though I realized a little too late that it was too cold to wear in january…) and a black slouchy cardigan on top, to get that longer and relaxed silhouette. You can’t really tell from these pictures, but the cardigan has some details near the collar, and a there’s a touch of sparkles in the fabric.I didn’t get a good detail shot at this, but I did get a close up of my jewellery

Since I’m not really ready to cut my hair into a stylish bob – that would be a tad too drastic – I decided to just put my hair up.

I brought my black/red leopardprint flats to wear inside, for work. My big comfy boots that I wore outside kind of overpowered this look.

In the afternoon I had a voice lesson and at night new dance lessons (!). Boyfriend and I are now going to dance three nights a week, a total of five hours a week. I’m very excited! Even though we’re not at all as experienced as the others in the class, it’s so much fun! And I really feel inspired by all these great dancers!

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December 7 – and the day turned

I got up at 6.30, my bus left at 8.05. I went outside to wait for it at 8… glanced at my cellphone and there was a text message from my teacher – ”Todays anatomy class is canceled”.

It was a  strange feeling to be up that early, and ready for the day – without going anywhere. The outfit took about ten minutes to put together, and five minutes of studying in the mirror afterwards. I wasn’t sure about the yellow (and print!) together with the decorations on the cardigan. But I feel drawn to it, and somehow it just works.

I rarely wear yellow, I have a hard time finding a shade that suits me. This print has a lot of green and brown in it too, wich I think brakes up the yellow. But I think it’s a fantastic color and I wish I could find more pieces that could work for me.

Cardigan: Oasis (a few years back)

Camisole: unknown

and – as always – my velvet jeans. I hadn’t realized until I started this blog how OFTEN I wear these… But it’s the only pair of pants that works for me right now.

In the evening of this day, it was salsa time! The first show was on saturday, the second today, and the last on Tuesday. SO MUCH FUN! Scary, but still so much fun!

Trying to do a salsa-pose here. Sort of 😉 This is one sparkly dress!

Dress: Ichi

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