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I’m still here

No, I didn’t fall of the face of the earth. But sometime around april blogging about my style just started to feel hard and there was too much resistance. These past months I’ve been trying to think more about content and what I want out of life instead of focusing on the exterior like clothes and image. I’m starting to feel a shift and I hope this blog can morph into a place for music and style intertwined. In a few months maybe.


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Let’s go back a few weeks

I haven’t been in for a while, work and trips got in the way. So let’s recap what has happened from the end of march to now.

This outfit is from late march, one of those glorious warm days, a kind of day that really lifts your spirits and makes you want to do one thing… go shopping!

Skirt Versace; pink tank top and purple tights H&M; blue ”tunic” Gina Tricot.

When it comes to color – why tone it down when you can pump it up? I felt just fabulous walking down the streets in this carrying a multitude of shopping bags. Very sex and the city, minus the sex and minus the cocktails…

A few days later (when it sadly, was a bit colder) I wore one of my new finds:

It’s from H&Ms new Garden Collection, this dress is made by recycled polyester – pretty neat right? And yes, that’s a tooth brush in my hand.

The last weekend of march me and Boyfriend danced in a small production of Jesus Christ Superstar, so much fun! Then we headed off for Stockholm and Gävle, for fun and for a christening. I wore another new dress this time

New dress from Soyaconcept, coral cardigan Oasis and necklace Indiska.

It’s been a fun few weeks but I’ve missed this blog – missed the creative side of it and having all my outfits in a neat archive. The good part about having this space is that it inspires me to be creative with my clothes. Taking a few chances, and that can only be good.

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Fantastic Link

I think everybody has heard of couturious by now. Today, I found a another, that has very much in common with couturious. Boyfriend told me that the swedish chain JC had a similar feature, where you could dress a model in their clothes.  It’s in Swedish and doesn’t have that many items to choose from. But that site linked in turn to another – looklet. It has more variety in styles, more similar to couturious. Except that you find  more swedish brands here, even H&M.

My first creation at looklet.

Just a tip from me to you, something fun to do on a sunday. Something I’m planning on playing with tonight, since I’m pretty beat from two and a half hours of dancing.. 😉

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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January 10 – New era coming up! Preparing!

Ok, so I think I have figured out why the Edwardian inspiration failed to inspire me – I’m in the mood for some drastic changes right now. I want to look… amazing, daring, outrageous even. I want to dress for the part.

Explanation: I recently got offered some new projects and tasks at work – partly because of how I dress. I know it’s not the sole cause, but I was told that I do dress in a way that could work for rounding up partners and sponsors, getting the dough our non-profit needs. That I can pull off a look that fits in a corporate environment.

And this is fine, because I never dress particularly ”corporate”. But, I have since this compliment (it was a compliment) studied my wardrobe…

You see, my dream is to be a singer. And if not full-time, at least have it partly as my profession. I want my voice and my songs to have a forum –  it doesn’t have to be the biggest stages in the world but not just the occasional performance at a wedding or party (though these are Amazing for me to do too!). But I discovered it – I’m not dressing for it! I’ve lost a little bit of that creative edge and output, and I’ve toned myself down the past year.

I need to step it up, up the ante. Dress, maybe not always but more often, as a true up and coming STAR. I talked about this with a friend tonight, and I believe it’s not just copying the latest trends – but pump it up. If I want to look very romantic with laces and frills – pile it on. If I want a dark diva look – pile it on, makeup and luxurious fabrics!

Oh well, back to my challenge –

The roaring twenties. I should be able to get my starlet-fix here, shouldn’t I?

I’m thinking flapper, I’m thinking Coco Chanel and I’m thinking Greta Garbo. Sure, some of Greta’s best looks are from the 3os and I think Coco started out prior to 1920 but still – these are images I think of.

The biggest challenge for me is to find that elongated silhouette of the 1920s.

What attributes and styles do you think of when we talk about the 1920s?

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My Edwardian week – preparations!

Pang! The ”Edwardian week” has begun. My challenge is to take inspiration from history and I begin with the Edwardian era.

Facts and details! (sources: Fashion-era and Anne of Green Gables)

The French called this period – between 1890 and 1914 – ”la belle epoque”. A time where luxury mattered and the rich truly were RICH.

The silhouette of the later period (coming into the 1900s) was an S-shape (side view). This describes it: ”The corset was too tightly laced at the waist and so forced the hips back and the drooping monobosom was thrust forward in a pouter pigeon effect creating an S shape.”

Well, I’m not one for wearing corsets so trying to get a pigeon effect and a S-shaped body will be too much of a challenge for me this week. But there are other details that I’ve picked out instead.

Shawls – a staple. If you’ve watched Anne of Green Gables (and if you haven’t – rent it now!) you will notice that Anne wears a lot of shawls as outer wear. And I think there’s something romantic about the shawl, throwing it over your shoulders as you rush out the door to a loved ones sickbed. Or under less dramatic circumstances, like wrapping it around my body as a curl up on the couch.

Ruffles and lace/Blouses – If you look at pictures from this time in history, most women would be wearing some form of a blouse with ruffles or lace. And usually with a high collar. Low sweetheart, square and round décolleté necklines was only for evening wear, to give room for statement jewellery.

Brooches – Anne loses Marillas brooch in one episode. The brooch, to me, has something very ”old world” about them. Sure, they do appear in trends today from time to time but I believe they still play a small part in the marketplace of fashion today.Using them to fasten shawls or as a detail on that ruffled blouse – makes me think of the early 20th century.

Jackets – This was a time when almost everything was tailor-made. Women wore costumes and suits or wool or serges. So to give myself a tailored look, I’ve paired a jacket with a ruffled blouse.

Skirt – During this time, it was not  uncommon to see women wearing long skirts during the day. I don’t own any long skirts or dresses (except four balgowns but they scream ”high occasion”) so instead I’ve chosen a gray skirt that has a ”bell” shape – its shape resonates with the long skirts and the silhouettes of the Edwardian era.

Details I have rejected for this week:

Feathers, Hats, Gloves and Parasols. The reason? I don’t own anything like it.

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January 3

It seems to me like I’ve had the longest holiday. We came back from Berlin, went home for Christmas, celebrated New Years at home with friends and Boyfriends cousin has been staying with us since the 28th of december – therefore, the days have been packed with activity and I almost forgot about this little blog. I certainly forgot taking pictures. But I didn’t forget to read other great blogs – lucky for me it seems like the most of you didn’t take a long blogging break 😉

I decided to start this year with a few fashion challenges for myself – because I’m utterly bored with my wardrobe at the moment. I feel as though nothing works, everything looks the same and it’s all just very very boring…

The challenge will give me a kick in the butt to look at my clothes with a new perspective – and use more of my accessories, and mix and match in new ways.

The idea: Each week is going to be inspired by a certain era, starting with the Edwardian (the early 1900s). So today, I’m not giving my outfit much thought – instead I am going to plan for the rest of the week. Taking inspiration mainly from the tv series Anne of Green Gables (LOVE IT, just got it on DVD).

Actually – I’m pretty excited!

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December 23 – Berlin

Wow – since thursday my days been packed with activity. Thursday and friday were full with work since I had  A LOT to get done before sunday – when Boyfriend and I went to Berlin, Germany.

On saturday we celebrated Christmas, a little bit early since we are apart on the actual day (with our families). We made traditional Swedish Christmas food, sat by our tree and traded gifts ;). I gave him the Monty Python Flying Circus box, the entire series. We watched a few episodes then we were off to bed – since we had to get up at 5 am the next morning…

I adore Berlin, it’s one of the greatest cities in Europe. So filled with history and things to see/do. The best part about germany in the winter is the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas markets). They’re all over the city, our favourite is the one by Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. Here you can drink Glüwein, eggnog and beer and eat sausages and bretzels.

We came home yesterday. Sadly, I forgot my camera at home so we couldn’t take any pictures for you.

So instead, I’m showing you what I wore last thursday for a meeting at work. And a song that I’m working on at the moment.

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