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March 23 – A sharp tool in the shed and then some

One meeting today that demands a sharp silhouette, some structure and being all together ”business appropriate”. Took me quite a while to figure this look out.

kind of looks like I lost my foot…

I now know for sure that I have gained weight over the past few months. Right now I even feel like things I wore back in january doesn’t fit anymore – it’s a thigh and hip thing. Mostly just annoying, since I don’t have that many pants to begin with and I don’t like to shop for pants. I thought with all the dancing we’re doing that at least my body would stay pretty much the same, if not slim down a bit. Funny thing is, I can’t tell from my pictures or reflection that things have changed, it’s only the fit of my clothes that gives it away. These jeans are still a bit too tight, especially in the front and the waist but hey that can be a good thing from behind 😉

My teeth are hurting too, it’s that the part that brings on the wisdom? You call them wisdom teeth too, in the US, Canada, Britain, Australia?

The jacket’s from Italy, picked it up five or six years ago.

But it is sunny today! Wow, the sun can really make up for a million things, like weight and pain – Happy!  And oh,  I bought flowers today, I think they’re just spectacular!

I’m making a dress for one of the dance numbers we’re doing this weekend, in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m excited, inspired and very very scared all at the same time.


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March 16 – Finding myself yet again

Feeling a bit under the weather today – all I could do was to go for simplicity.

The past few days I’ve been thinking about identity – both in terms of content (of who I want to be and what I creatively want to make, ie: music) and appearance. I happen to be one of those who can easily be distracted by input from others, their agenda, objectives and opinions. I easily steer off course. I get a vision and idea and then I feel swept away by circumstances around me and suddenly I wake up – only to not remember what was it that I was after at first?

In her book, ”Piece by piece” Tori Amos writes this: ”I think when you chase somebody else’s notion of success, you’re bound to fail”. I’ve read this book too many times to count  but this was the first time that passage just leaped out of the page and grabbed hold of me.

I think a lot in my life have been pushing me to decide what I want, not what I should want. Like life have been dropping little hints, but I haven’t quite gotten them yet. For instance, I had a meeting with a guy from a small local music organization and while we were talking he asked me this: ”where do you want to play? Don’t look at it as where can you play, but where do you want to play”. I was just silenced by that. Because up to that point I had been thinking a lot in the terms of where can I fit in, where would I be accepted – instead of deciding that for myself.

Partly, you could blame this on my two years of marketing studies, because hey it all comes down to marketing at some point, but first I have to think about ME and my Content. Not my appeal, that should be molded after the content (ie: the music) is in place – right?

These thoughts about content and who I want to be sort of culminated this weekend, because on sunday I went to that audition. I ended up waiting for six hours in a cold, dry room among 20 other boys and girls with musical ambitions. Oh well, the important part is what I overheard during those six hours… Girls that have gone to musical school, that have studied musical theater and that (according to them) are professionals since they ”do this for a living.”

These girls… there was something so scary about them. They talked to each other like friends but the longer you listened to them the more it sounded like they were competing – who’s done this and that job, who’s gone to so and so many audition, what school they went to etc.. Trust me, they didn’t sound like true friends. And oh, don’t get me starting on when they started talking about ”amateurs” (them of course being far from that…).

But the scary part was how fake this world seemed to me. I longed for  my true friends (and thought to myself that I hope these girls has some true friends too, because this just felt sad). I hate that kind of catty attitude among girls – a form of competition, if it’s for a job, a man, a look, followers on our blogs, whatever. What happened to compassion and sisterhood?

So I realized why I blog. I want to be a part of a supporting community, where people are real, true to themselves and compassionate. And I think this blogging world has those qualities. And I think I truly started to understand who I want to be as a singer – I don’t want part in that world, waiting for some producer in power to tell me that I’m good enough or not. I want to be  a part of a scene where everybody’s welcome. And if I can’t find that world, I guess I have to create it.

This became a very rambling post, but these are the thoughts that have been circulating within me the past few days. I will leave you with something pretty – my lovely new bracelet from India (a gift from a friend).

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March 12 – agonizing and putting things off

I thought I was going to give my chinos and some layering another go. Here’s todays ensemble.

Chinos : MQ (brand 365 Sun Shine); Tunic: Gina Tricot; Vest: Vero Moda; Boots: ara; Bangles (yep, 23 of them) : from India, a gift; Necklace: Pearls for girls.

I got some things done at work today that I have been putting off for way too long – finally I got some projects and ideas off the ground. I have to say, even though having 23 bangles on one arm makes quite a noise while you’re typing, I really liked this look for work. I felt cool enough, polished enough and free enough.I felt like me.

I still haven’t decided on the audition – to go or not to go… Well, I guess a part of me is scared – have you ever been to an audition? It’s nerve-racking, takes a lot of time and energy. And this audition is pretty far away, a three/four hour drive… So I’m hesitating.

Oh well, I got a few more hours before I have to decide. But today, and having something likes this over my head at least puts my creative side and ambitions to the forefront. I feel a need to take myself way more seriously.

I’m one of those who easily get’s caught up in what’s going on around her. When I got in to marketing and decided to study that it was with the intent of using those skills for music and other creative projects. But everybody was talking about advertising and high profile companies and by the end of it I had forgotten why I was there in the first place.

It’s the same thing with work, I only work 40% but I forget to do anything else besides work. I forget putting time and effort into music, into my dreams and what I’m actually good at. What I could excel at.

So today, while riding the bus to work, I though about creativity and how I have been putting up different barriers to my dreams – like I feel a need to pigeon hole myself and define what I do, what genre I’m in, what range I have (etc) before I get a move on. Instead of just working at it

So today I made up a schedule for myself. How many hours in a week I need to put into music (or something creative. Dancing counts. Blogging kind of counts.) I now know I need to put in 24 hours a week. That could amount to a lot of results, if I really commit to it.

Oh, down below you can see my new rubber boots that I wore yesterday. I love them, they’re so much fun on a gray soggy day. And yesterday I only had an appointment with my dermatologist so I only need shoes for function, not to last me an entire day as a part of my outfit

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March 10 – I’m telling you, it has to be spring now

Gray skies, mostly cloudy and a chilly breeze – well this doesn’t stop me from believing that spring has to be – right now. The sunny weather this past weekend has made me a firm believer, spring on the way.

I was really excited about this look while planning it . I bought the chinos for our trip to Teneriffe, since I didn’t have any pants that could work for summer weather. I still think these are bit to tapered for me and my taste, but they were on sale and I thought they would be a good starting point for experimenting with chinos and a new style.

I’ve felt really drawn to pieces like this shirt right now, things that are loose, free and just feels carefree. Got this over the weekend at Gina Tricot (swedish brand). The shoes were one of the pairs that was the result of my shoe shopping with mom yesterday. We both got a pair of these booties. They’re a grayish white, which I like because then they don’t fight for the attention like a bright white would do.

I was inspired to do this kind of layering after seeing so many beautiful style bloggers who just layers with such ease – Oh I want to be able to pull that off. Next time, when it’s a bit warmer outside, I will try this without the blue top underneath, see if it works better with a little less layering 😉

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March 9 – I miss my capsule!

Today the plan is to go shoe shopping with my mom, so I’m working from home this morning. Good part: having a lazy morning, drinking loads of coffee and having programs like ”a place in the sun” in the background while I’m reading my fave blogs. Bad part: takes me a lot longer to get dressed.

I really miss my capsule – not the actual items (I started longing for something other than burgundy and purple at the end of the week) but having a capsule to turn to. Now I peer into my closet and go… ”wow…”. What to do? What goes with what? What am I in the mood for? I either have to come up with a new capsule for every week or I have to seriously re-think how I organize my closet. Because right now it is all just very confusing.

How do you organize your clothes? Not just in terms of space, but how do you keep them in a way that inspires dressing up – and not the opposite, making you want to shut the doors immediately and stay in your PJ’s or sweats for the rest of the day?

Below: The truth about my closet…

Todays look:

I got this skirt at a swap back in november, and I love the shape of it but haven’t worn it that much, since I feel the color is a bit tricky. I tried a few other options today before settling for this.

I’m having a bit of a conundrum right now, what to do with this coming weekend. I can either play at a local club on saturday night (where there’s going to be lots of little  bands and artist, so it could be a good place to try out a few of my own songs and meet new people) or I can go away for an audition on sunday. The audition is for a production of the musical Rent (that I love!). But doing that leaves me no other choice than to miss out on the club (since it’s to far away for a day trip, have to leave the day before) and it will probably make me miss out on a pair of dance repetitions for Jesus Christ Superstar (the thought that I’m going to be a ”dancer” in a musical production is still mind-blowing to me. If you would have told me this two years ago I would have laughed. In hysterics. Rolling around on the floor.)

So what to do?
a) play at the club, meet local musicians and be able to rehearse for Jesus Christ Superstar or
b) brace myself and go to the audition.

A part of me wants to be brave and try out, but part of me knows deep inside that the likelihood of me getting the part is slim…

And even though I’m a person who isn’t that quick at making choices (takes me the longest time, no matter what the matter is) it is nice that I have the choice – like finally things are coming into place, I’m getting more opportunities to actually perform and try out for things.

For years I felt like I never really could get a foot in any musical venture, like I was standing on the outside looking in (a little bit like ”the little match girl”, have you read that story?). But I truly believe that we all get have talents, gifts and passions for a reason and we’re not meant to hide those away from ourselves or others. They’re meant to shine, and we shouldn’t be afraid to let them, like I’ve been.

(by the way, the little sequined shrug is actually a lot more pink than the picture shows. Too bad is so cold outside, otherwise I think I would have gone with this look. What do you think I could to make this work for the chilly climate?)

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March 4 – Capsule Challenge day four

I was extremely tired today, after days of getting to bed way too late in the evening. And so I felt really thankful for this capsule wardrobe (again!) for helping my weary body and mind out today. I only had one thing on my agenda for work; meeting one of our new speakers. So I wanted to look nice and professional – like I know what I’m doing 😉

I ended up wearing the following from my collection of ten items: Jeans, tank top, tunic, jacket and rose/pink scarf.

I was so beat when I got home that all I could do was lay on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep with the tv as company. I did do a little blog reading (I think I have about 45 great blogs bookmarked now) and I this post on Oranges and apples got me thinking about fashion and personal style. Read it if you haven’t! All the comments are really thoughtful and great too.

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February 26 – Sending books out

I made a quick appearance at the office today – sending out a copy of our book to different schools in the are, with a letter explaining how they can buy copies for their students. I wasn’t there for long, I was home around two.

I really love the idea of wearing something like a fun t-shirt (today I’m sporting one of my childhood heroes – Wonder Woman!) with something structured and ”professional” like a jacket.

I also love paring a jacket with a fuller skirt – reminds me of the silhouette of Diors ”new look”.

At night Boyfriend, I and my brother went to the movies – for The Wolfman. That was one scary movie! I wasn’t prepared for it to be as violent as it was. Still very good, but I have to admit I was basically holding up my scarf over my face during the entire movie, peeking out for the less scary scenes…

I’m thinking about joining in on the Capsule Wardrobe challenge, but I’m not sure what items to pick… I have too many ”unitaskers”, as Tim Gunn would put it, in my closet. But maybe that is a good reason to challenge myself… Still thinking about it 😉

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