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February 25 – Sometimes it’s good that I can work from home…

White shirt – Odd Molly; Velvet jeans – Cambio Jeans; Scarf – Gift from India

I thought I was going to work today, but no sir… First and foremost, I overslept. Then I just couldn’t seem to muster any form of energy before noon. But I did manage to get dressed even if it took me a very long time to get there. I wanted to wear something simple but I also wanted to feel ”put together”. Because even if I wasn’t at the office, I still had some work to do from home. So I chose this blouse, that my mother got me for Christmas, velvet jeans and the most amazing scarf from India (a gift from a very dear friend). I ADORE this scarf, but it’s so big and made in a stiff material so I don’t wear it that often.

I curled my hair today, as you can see in this picture. Even though I knew all along that as soon as I stepped out of my apartment these curls would be long gone. And I was right – after a ten minute bus ride (to my parents house) all that was left was some chic messy tousled hair. Still looked good though 😉 My hair has the tendency to not do what I tell it to – despite of using thickeners, volume mousse, volume spray, hairspray, gel, wax, paste…

Do you have any style secrets for keeping your curls in place?

This is the outfit sans scarf. I haven’t been a big Odd Molly fan, but I really think this shirt is just darling.

After spending some quality time with my parents (and Oprah – the best part about being home in the day) me and Boyfriend  had a three hour dance practice from six until nine.. Exhausting but so much fun!


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January 22 – books and shoes

I needed a simple outfit today – so I opted for my brown knitted cardigan from Saint Tropez (the brand, not the flashy resort), a white cami, my brown pinstriped skirt and the brooch Boyfriend gave me for christmas. It might be needless to say, but I decided on skipping the whole ”inspired by the 30s”-challenge. I’m putting it on hold for a week – since we’re going away on vacation next week! (wee!)

I LOVE this cardigan, it’s so soft and warm – while it really embraces my curves, showing off my waist (that just happens to be my favourite physical feature)

I just made a short appearance at work, then I went out book shopping (for the trip). I think I roamed the aisles for about an hour before settling on three books – one about body language/mind reading; Markus Zusaks ”The book thief” and Poppy Adams ”The behaviour of Moths”.

Then I bought a pair of brown simple sneakers – wow, it’s almost astounding how much I don’t like to shop for shoes. I tried them on, paid up and hurried fast as I could out the door.

But, mission accomplished.

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January 18 – Business cards and water bottles

Today me and my boss had an important meeting with the biggest newspaper in the region – discussing their sponsoring of our organization. I learned SO much about negotiating today, just listening in, smiling along.

Ok, so this week is supposed to be all about the 1930’s but I can already sense that it will be hard – and not just on a sartorial level. We’re still having a lot of snow, which makes my wardrobe choices a bit limited, and I have many errands to run. You see, we’re going on holiday next week (yay!), to a warm sunny islands.

Since we were going to a meeting today I wanted to look polished and dress with a bit of authority. But I didn’t want to wear black. I’m fed up with black, last week was way too much black for me.

So I went with my beige jacket from Charlotte Russe; my velvet jeans (oh I so need to get some more pants!), a cream knitted top and topped it off with a scarf for color.

Can you tell the link between this outfit and the 1930s? Ok, I don’t blame you if you don’t… But I thought about the big Hollywood starlets of the time – Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. They used men’s wear and styles inspired by it. I’ve found a great picture of Marlene in a tuxedo, looking absolutely stunning in something that has such a ”male” connotation. I have a book on Greta Garbo (she is somewhat of a national treasure here and when I was a child my mom said I had eyebrows just like here – I’ve been a big fan ever since) with pictures showing her at her spare time, at home in Sweden. She was definitely a woman who could wear  men’s pants and shirts and own that style.

So ok, I’m not wearing anything intended for a man, but this jacket broadens my shoulders and since it possesses a bit of authority, I still feel like there’s a nod in there to these strong and daring women of the 30’s

Maybe it’s a long shot, but hey, it was worth a try.

I don’t know if I can really channel the style and feel from the 30s but I will give it at least one more try this week, thursday or friday. Cross your fingers for me.

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December 10 – Copenhagen

What a fantastic day! Work whisked us off to Denmark and Copenhagen for the annual Christmas lunch. So much fun and a lot of eating. I love Copenhagen with a passion, there’s just something about this city that resonates with me.

Since we we’re going to be walking a lot and be outdoors I decided to dress warm and comfy. I have never worn this top with a skirt before and I havent managed to fit the sleeves under a cardigan prior to this combo. I bought the skirt and the cardigan early this fall so I haven’t thought of this combination until well, today. I’m also very happy I’ve gotten more use out of this beautiful scarf. I bought it almost three years ago for a wedding Boyfriend was taking me to, in France.I’m also happy I wore it since the top has a tendency to ”fall down” and show off my bra to the world. It’s very pretty but not something I want my co-workers to see.

Top Ella Moss, Skirt Mexx, , Tights H&M, Cardigan (below) Style&Butler

The best part about today was watching all the Christmas decorations and displays in shop windows and drinking glögg (mulled wine). This was just the kind of break my brain needed right now. Our book project is speeding up and I have decisions to make about work before Christmas, and I feel pretty torn.

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December 7 – and the day turned

I got up at 6.30, my bus left at 8.05. I went outside to wait for it at 8… glanced at my cellphone and there was a text message from my teacher – ”Todays anatomy class is canceled”.

It was a  strange feeling to be up that early, and ready for the day – without going anywhere. The outfit took about ten minutes to put together, and five minutes of studying in the mirror afterwards. I wasn’t sure about the yellow (and print!) together with the decorations on the cardigan. But I feel drawn to it, and somehow it just works.

I rarely wear yellow, I have a hard time finding a shade that suits me. This print has a lot of green and brown in it too, wich I think brakes up the yellow. But I think it’s a fantastic color and I wish I could find more pieces that could work for me.

Cardigan: Oasis (a few years back)

Camisole: unknown

and – as always – my velvet jeans. I hadn’t realized until I started this blog how OFTEN I wear these… But it’s the only pair of pants that works for me right now.

In the evening of this day, it was salsa time! The first show was on saturday, the second today, and the last on Tuesday. SO MUCH FUN! Scary, but still so much fun!

Trying to do a salsa-pose here. Sort of 😉 This is one sparkly dress!

Dress: Ichi

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November 11 – It’s late in the evening

The weather this morning was particularly nasty. And for a moment I thought hm I’ll just wear boots. Problem is, the boots didn’t work  over my velvet jeans, that I had decided to wear. So instead I braced myself and challenged the elements. Because this was before seven in the morning and I’m not a morning person – changing my outfit the last minute is NOT something I encourage myself to do, that would lead to a whole new mess of problems (missing the bus; getting annoyed with my body, my mind, my boyfriend and the world; deciding to throw out all of my clothes since nothing goes together with anything….)

I hit my head this morning. I was leaning down to plug in my dryer in the kitchen (something I’ve never done before) and as soon as I raised my head… bang! right into the window sill. It’s made out of some type of stone or fake marble, I really don’t know, but it hurt. Then I walked right into Boyfriends espresso maker that’s still on the floor in the kitchen (because we haven’t made room for it on the counter). Is it just me, or do you also have days when you seem to hit anything that comes in your way? It’s days like these when I walk into doorposts for no good reason.

Since I was spending the day at a school I wanted to look: a) comfortable b) young but not overdoing it c) friendly d) not friendly enough for the older kids to not take me seriously. Not that I’m doing anything more than sitting in on the guest lectures we have arranged for them. But still. So I went with this:


white camisole: Eden (bought at No.9)

cardigan: Style&Butler

velvet jeans: cambio jeans

And tonight we had an event with our organizations sponsors and partners. Lots of people in nice suits was my guess so for this occasion I decided to wear this: IMG_7006IMG_7041


white tanktop – H&M

white ruffled top – Lily Rose

jacket – Charlotte Russe

And the aforementioned velvet jeans

I did come to one realization tonight: I am not the mingling kind. But it was a very nice evening anyway, and I did feel appropriately dressed (and I have to mention this – I wore the brightest colors, even though it’s just neutrals)

On another note.

Last time I wrote a very short post on the classic Color me beautiful. But I realized that maybe not all people on this planet has been introduced to this subject, and here I am writing about it like it’s common knowledge. So now, I will try to do an introductory course in ”Color me beautiful – discovering your season”.

Lesson one:


What is Color me beautiful?

In the 1980’s there was this  woman, Carole Jackson. Her book, aptly named Color me beautiful, is the most succesful color analysis book (according to Wikipedia). It came out in 1980 and was meant to give you the proper tools to find your season.

You see, her way (and other prior to her mind you) to classify colors were by season. Winter, summer, fall and spring. All of us belong to one season.

The parts that make up your coloring  is your a) skin tone b) hair color (natural, not dyed) and c) eye color. This is what determines your season.

The easiest starting point is to figure out if your warm-toned or cool-toned. Winters and summers are cool, autumn and spring have warm colors in their palette. In my next post I will start describing each season, I think that’s the best way to go around this.

Knowing your season is supposed to guide you to find the colors that most suit you, both in terms of fashion and makeup. The colors from your season are the colors that won’t drain all the color out of your face, make you look blotchy or highlight the dark circles you might have under your eyes.

I do believe somewhat in this system, as long as you don’t take it to the extremes. I believe an amount of rules are good – as a guideline to help you dress and shop. But I am prepared to adjust my makeup from time to time to help me out with a certain color. And I think it’s really about the colors you put next to your face – the rest of the palette of my outfits are supposed to complement each other.

I haven’t quite figured out my season, and I’m thinking about doing the test here, with pictures of that process. But, first and foremost we’re going to go through every season and educate ourselves a little bit more . Next time.

Sweet dreams (by the way, can you guess what song the title’s referring to?)

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November 6 – home sweet home


I decided to work from home this friday. And then I decided to not do that much work at all. A few emails and then I left it at that. Instead I tried out the new camera and wrote songs. This entire week has been gray, windy and wet, so hanging out at home in soft fabrics felt like the only right thing to do.

Got new ideas for songs, that happens once in a while. So now I have pieces of a melody playing in my head. Now I have to glue them together to one cohesive work of music – a complete song. I usually find writing lyrics to be the most challenging part. Sometimes months go by with the melody set but I just can’t put words down to paper. Tricky.

Today I’ve been thinking about mentors and role models.  I have friends who constantly talk about their mentors. There’s a lot of inspiring people who I look up to, but I can’t say that I have a mentor. It sounds like it could be something very rewarding. I would especially want one in my musical life, someone who knows the ropes and can give advice on how I can get to the next level, so to speak.

Do you have a mentor in your life?

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