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March 8 – On the sunny side of the street

According to the Danish weathersite, it supposed to be sunny today. So far (it’s about 11 am here) the skies are pretty gray. But I still want to feel sunny, so I jumped at gold and yellow this morning. Also, I’m giving the belted cardigan another try.

I love this scarf to bits, when we were in Teneriffe a couple of weeks ago I pretty much lived in this scarf.

I tried tying it, just a simple loop, to see how it changed the look. I’ve never really though about scarves as a part of my outfit until recently. Prior to that, I just grabbed the one that best suited in terms of color and provided enough warmth and comfort for the day.

The look without the scarf. Somethings missing, right?

For once, I think the whole belted cardigan thing actually worked. I guess the belt was big and sturdy enough, and the cardigan thin enough not to do too much ”bulking”. Actually, without the belt I didn’t like the outfit at all, way too sloppy.

Below: a close-up of my bangles – from India. I love wearing bangles – there’s something freeing, bohemian and romantic about that.

I had a more sophisticated post planned out in my head, but right now I’m pressed for time. Oh well, next time fellow bloggers (who I love to follow)


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February 25 – Sometimes it’s good that I can work from home…

White shirt – Odd Molly; Velvet jeans – Cambio Jeans; Scarf – Gift from India

I thought I was going to work today, but no sir… First and foremost, I overslept. Then I just couldn’t seem to muster any form of energy before noon. But I did manage to get dressed even if it took me a very long time to get there. I wanted to wear something simple but I also wanted to feel ”put together”. Because even if I wasn’t at the office, I still had some work to do from home. So I chose this blouse, that my mother got me for Christmas, velvet jeans and the most amazing scarf from India (a gift from a very dear friend). I ADORE this scarf, but it’s so big and made in a stiff material so I don’t wear it that often.

I curled my hair today, as you can see in this picture. Even though I knew all along that as soon as I stepped out of my apartment these curls would be long gone. And I was right – after a ten minute bus ride (to my parents house) all that was left was some chic messy tousled hair. Still looked good though 😉 My hair has the tendency to not do what I tell it to – despite of using thickeners, volume mousse, volume spray, hairspray, gel, wax, paste…

Do you have any style secrets for keeping your curls in place?

This is the outfit sans scarf. I haven’t been a big Odd Molly fan, but I really think this shirt is just darling.

After spending some quality time with my parents (and Oprah – the best part about being home in the day) me and Boyfriend  had a three hour dance practice from six until nine.. Exhausting but so much fun!

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February 24 – simple

I’m still very much into Brigitte Bardot – desperately wanting to get her effortless, tousled hair…
But I overslept today, so I didn’t feel like I had the time for hot rollers and teasing my hair. I did try to get some volume in the hair with four different products and drying my hair upside down. Did a little – not enough to feel Bardot though.

I thought of BB when I picked out the cardigan – I love the color (even though it’s one of those colors that changes depending on what you’re wearing it with and it’s pretty hard to find that perfect pairing. It’s pink, but sometimes it almost looks coral… I think of raspberries when I look at it.)

I don’t think this as an outfit that captures the essence of Bardot. I think a pair of pants or a straighter skirt might have worked better – but I don’t own those items – at least not any that would work in this climate. Yes I go on and on about that, but it seems like the snow isn’t going to budge any time soon… I can give up some comfort for fashion – but that does not include keeping warm!

I used to wear this necklace all the time in 2005, almost every day. I got it from my parents, it’s pieces of gold from Alaska in it. I love that it’s so simple – yet special. Nothing boring about it. I felt really good wearing it, seems like forever since the last time.

I felt like my outfit today wasn’t really special or inspirational – but I felt SO good wearing color again. I’ve missed it immensely!

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