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March 22 – Purple does it again, and eco is the new black.

I feel very pleased with this outfit. Oh yes indeed, I kind of just threw this one (ok, I wore the skirt and the shirt with a purple cardigan on saturday, so I swapping the cardie for a vest might not be considered mind-blowingly clever) and for once dressing wasn’t a hassle. I still haven’t found a proper way to organize my closet so I feel a big sense of relief when I manage to stay away from the ”dressing-myself-block”.


We had a pretty big meeting at work today, lots of suits. I  walked in to a room that quickly became a sea of gray and black (oh, most of them had great suits by the way, nothing wrong with a great suit). But I do love being one of the colorful little fishies in that sea.

I truly believe that leopard works with anything, or at least this scarf does. Yes, even tiny florals. Oh I know you can’t tell from these pictures (for me, photographing is still just crapshot) but my tights are purple. Found them on sale at H&M yesterday, there were so many of them I grabbed two pairs, might go back for more. I just don’t understand why nobody else has snatched them up, but I guess that’s just more for me!

I went to a eco-friendly fashion show yesterday, a spur of the moment thing. And a lot of it was great – creating awareness on different alternatives to shopping ”new” clothes like vintage, thrifting, swapping, eco-friendly materials, fairtrade etc. And they had ”regular people” for models, the boys and girls who organized the event, which I love because it makes the whole thing more accessible.


I have to say, some things felt a tad cliché still (like eco-friendly fabric is beige, gray, armygreen, I guess it has something to do with selling to a certain demographic who dress a certain way and they go for the whole natural thing, and that’s fine, but come on – sure we can do more colorful and creative stuff with the good stuff? or am I wrong?) and there was one thing in particular that I didn’t like: everything was style with black.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear black. But I pretty much every outfit was combined with black leggings, tights, cardigans, shoes etc. And truth to be told, black can very easily look dowdy and ”washed out” in the spotlight – if you don’t have amazing lightning.

Maybe it has to do with what’s trendy, I don’t know. And maybe it has something to do with the fashion among the kids who are aware. I can’t help but think that it would be good (nice) to create more diversity in style and colors when we’re trying to raise awareness about ecofriendly alternatives. So that everybody, from the hipster girl to the uptown girl (or boy) feels like yeah, we can make a difference and look great too. You know, that classic ”win-win”.


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