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March 22 – Purple does it again, and eco is the new black.

I feel very pleased with this outfit. Oh yes indeed, I kind of just threw this one (ok, I wore the skirt and the shirt with a purple cardigan on saturday, so I swapping the cardie for a vest might not be considered mind-blowingly clever) and for once dressing wasn’t a hassle. I still haven’t found a proper way to organize my closet so I feel a big sense of relief when I manage to stay away from the ”dressing-myself-block”.


We had a pretty big meeting at work today, lots of suits. I  walked in to a room that quickly became a sea of gray and black (oh, most of them had great suits by the way, nothing wrong with a great suit). But I do love being one of the colorful little fishies in that sea.

I truly believe that leopard works with anything, or at least this scarf does. Yes, even tiny florals. Oh I know you can’t tell from these pictures (for me, photographing is still just crapshot) but my tights are purple. Found them on sale at H&M yesterday, there were so many of them I grabbed two pairs, might go back for more. I just don’t understand why nobody else has snatched them up, but I guess that’s just more for me!

I went to a eco-friendly fashion show yesterday, a spur of the moment thing. And a lot of it was great – creating awareness on different alternatives to shopping ”new” clothes like vintage, thrifting, swapping, eco-friendly materials, fairtrade etc. And they had ”regular people” for models, the boys and girls who organized the event, which I love because it makes the whole thing more accessible.


I have to say, some things felt a tad cliché still (like eco-friendly fabric is beige, gray, armygreen, I guess it has something to do with selling to a certain demographic who dress a certain way and they go for the whole natural thing, and that’s fine, but come on – sure we can do more colorful and creative stuff with the good stuff? or am I wrong?) and there was one thing in particular that I didn’t like: everything was style with black.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear black. But I pretty much every outfit was combined with black leggings, tights, cardigans, shoes etc. And truth to be told, black can very easily look dowdy and ”washed out” in the spotlight – if you don’t have amazing lightning.

Maybe it has to do with what’s trendy, I don’t know. And maybe it has something to do with the fashion among the kids who are aware. I can’t help but think that it would be good (nice) to create more diversity in style and colors when we’re trying to raise awareness about ecofriendly alternatives. So that everybody, from the hipster girl to the uptown girl (or boy) feels like yeah, we can make a difference and look great too. You know, that classic ”win-win”.


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March 5 – Capsule challenge day five

I have to admit, I’m starting to itch for other items now, other than the ones in my capsule. Today I went very simple, just skirt + tank top + cardigan. Can it be more simple than that?

As you can see I’m not wearing any thighs or other form of legwear. I’ve been working form home all day and I was sporting my PJ’s until about… hm, two? I love an easy day like this, with just a bit of paperwork and the feeling like I have all the time in the world. I even cleaned the bathroom – because I wanted to, not because I felt like I had to.

I did try to be a little bit creative today, so I made an attempt to wear my obi-belt as a headband – with the long ties wrapped around my neck, almost like a necklace or scarf. What do you think of the result?

I had an incident with my iron today. I had planned ironing a couple of shirts of my Boyfriend, that have just been lying around the apartment. But I filled it with way too much water and when that started to boil the whole thing got overheated – water was actually bubbling out…

So I let the whole thing cool off and after about an hour I opened the lid… only to have water more or less explode out of it. I am SO lucky that the water wasn’t too warm and I didn’t get any burns, because I got water in my face, on my hands and on my clothes.

Last – I wanted to share one of the things that I love right now. It’s a teacup where the ”filter” is a part of the cup. I got this one and a similar one from my mom, she found them in Barcelona. I think it’s utterly adorable.

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March 3 – Stretching them out

Today I’m having coffee with a friend and some paperwork to do. But all in all I’m expecting a pretty calm day. And since my old dependable boots have given up on me, I only have one choice – my short booties (or what do you americans/english call them?). This limits my options in clothing too – to jeans. And wearing my jeans means stretching the waistband (it’s SO tight, but I know they are supposed to stretch – but I have hesitated to wear them because they’re so tight… a catch 22?).

I’m having trouble deciding whether to wear the obi-belt or not. And how? As you can see, here I’m sporting the purple side of the belt. Do you think it’s too much with the necklace?

Here I turned the belt over, to try out turquoise. I do like that it provides some contrast.

And finally – without the belt.

Which version do you prefer?

Without a belt, my initial thought was that it wouldn’t be too much going on for the necklace to compete with. But comparing the different outfits, I think I wearing towards the belted ones – I like the fact that it puts a spotlight on my waist.

My necklace.

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March 2 – Thank you Jane

Today I’m oh so thankful to Jane of The small fabric of my life. There wouldn’t be any Capsule Wardrobe Challenge if it weren’t for her – and if I hadn’t joined in on this fun project I don’t think that I would ever have come up with this outfit:

This is my violet shift dress with my purple/maroon skirt layered over it – with the obi-belt tying it all together. I really felt like I was wearing just one dress today and I have to say – I LOVE it. The colors and the proportions, I just feel amazing in this.

The sun has (finally) decided to come out here, but it’s no where near warm enough for bare arms. Since I was going to be at a school all day, representing my organization both interacting with students and teachers, I didn’t want to look too sweet and innocent. So I skipped the cardigan (even though I am sure that my purple one would look fantastic with this) and went for my light blue jacket. The fabric looks like a light washed denim but it is actually in a very soft material.

I also added my rose/pink scarf. I liked that the jacket provided some structure and a formal aspect to it – especially since I was wearing my chunky boots all day (that I think might have decided to say sayonara and goodbye to me today, there’s something going on with the zipper…)

It turned out to be a great day, I have learned SO MUCH about the mobile industry, programming and such.

All in all, it was pretty nice to be back in school 😉

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February 5 – Bringing back summer

Today I took my inspiration from Candis at Musings around – by layering a skirt over a very thin summer dress. Candis is such a pro at remixing!

I love this dress, even though it’s a little bit too big on top. The color is something between yellow and green (that strange color that you for some strange reason always can find in a box of crayons…) and I usually don’t wear it but I got this dress from my parents a few years ago. They found it at their favourite outlet in Italy – the Armani outlet. They bought it for me one summer when me and Boyfriend was visiting France for a wedding.

I have never tried wearing it as a blouse before but I have to say – I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome! As a dress it pretty much only works for summer with high heels and a very ”put together” look.

The original dress on its own…

Dress + skirt + belt (turned inside out since the outside color is a light blue).
Since the dress is longer than the skirt I had to pull it up over the waistband of the skirt. But I thought it made it look even more like a blouse.

But as you can see it doesn’t look that good from behind… SO, a cardigan or jacket of some sorts felt needed to make this work.

Cardigan number one – purple from Dea Kudibal, a danish brand.

A white short cardigan (the one I ended up wearing) from Kappahl.

And last, but not least – I tried paring it with a short jacket/bolero I bought a week ago, but that I’m thinking of returning….

I loved, and still do, the look of it but it has it’s problems
a) it’s in a strange almost plastic fabric, like fake leather.
b) you have to dry clean it (on the tag it says: wipe it off with cloth)
c) and that was something I didn’t think would be a problem until I wore it a little bit around the house and I’m fearing this fabric will make me sweat a bit
d) and the thing that’s really bugging me – one button is missing but the store had some policy that they wouldn’t knock anything off the price – I don’t really care about the money but I felt a bit cheated when I left the store, like I’d been tricked or something…

What do you think? Should I return it or not?

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January 7 – let’s go back a few days in time

The last outfit I took a picture of last week, that had some Edwardian references put into it. I was mostly at home this day, but in the evening me, Boyfriend and his visiting cousin played board games with my brother and his wife.

I got this great socks for Christmas from my parents. I love knee-socks, there’s something very innocent about them.

This outfit is based around the same items as the last one – the gray plaid skirt and the purple cardigan. But this top is more ruffled and since it doesn’t have a high collar I’ve filled in the void with a gold necklace.

I like this look a lot more, when I’m showing a little more skin on top.

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January 5 – can you say ”governess”?

Occasion: A facial and then coffee with best friend.

I thought of Anne Shirley when I dreamed this outfit up. And sure it made me feel like a teacher from circa 1913.. but it also made me feel a bit too prim and proper.

The cardigan and the shawl are Christmas presents from my parents – I love them both. Most of the time, I don’t wear black with colors – only neutrals. But this shawl is very good for draping and I’m pretty much living in it for the time being – it’s so soft, warm and cosy.

I won’t have a lot of errands or work the rest of this week, probably just lounging around at home. I already feel like the Edwardian challenge wasn’t that inspiring – I feel a bit too proper, almost boring. But if I have to make a social call or do something that acquires me to step out the door – then I will chose ruffles over sequins and knits before pink polyester.. 

What do you think?

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