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March 23 – A sharp tool in the shed and then some

One meeting today that demands a sharp silhouette, some structure and being all together ”business appropriate”. Took me quite a while to figure this look out.

kind of looks like I lost my foot…

I now know for sure that I have gained weight over the past few months. Right now I even feel like things I wore back in january doesn’t fit anymore – it’s a thigh and hip thing. Mostly just annoying, since I don’t have that many pants to begin with and I don’t like to shop for pants. I thought with all the dancing we’re doing that at least my body would stay pretty much the same, if not slim down a bit. Funny thing is, I can’t tell from my pictures or reflection that things have changed, it’s only the fit of my clothes that gives it away. These jeans are still a bit too tight, especially in the front and the waist but hey that can be a good thing from behind 😉

My teeth are hurting too, it’s that the part that brings on the wisdom? You call them wisdom teeth too, in the US, Canada, Britain, Australia?

The jacket’s from Italy, picked it up five or six years ago.

But it is sunny today! Wow, the sun can really make up for a million things, like weight and pain – Happy!  And oh,  I bought flowers today, I think they’re just spectacular!

I’m making a dress for one of the dance numbers we’re doing this weekend, in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m excited, inspired and very very scared all at the same time.


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March 19 – The tricky part of layering

Today, friday, I kind of plugged out – any thoughts about work or future were off limits. I ended up hanging out at a friend’s place all day – very needed.

I was inspired today by Tori Amos latest album, Abnormally attracted to sin. But oh this outfit didn’t really work out, to be honest. Yep, I’m wearing a skirt as a top – a skirt I rarely wear but still love to bits. The theory of this combination felt good, but as soon as I left my apartment it just… didn’t feel good enough. I think the pants as to be tighter.. or maybe just tights..

Let’s play a game – what could be done to improve this look?

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February 25 – Sometimes it’s good that I can work from home…

White shirt – Odd Molly; Velvet jeans – Cambio Jeans; Scarf – Gift from India

I thought I was going to work today, but no sir… First and foremost, I overslept. Then I just couldn’t seem to muster any form of energy before noon. But I did manage to get dressed even if it took me a very long time to get there. I wanted to wear something simple but I also wanted to feel ”put together”. Because even if I wasn’t at the office, I still had some work to do from home. So I chose this blouse, that my mother got me for Christmas, velvet jeans and the most amazing scarf from India (a gift from a very dear friend). I ADORE this scarf, but it’s so big and made in a stiff material so I don’t wear it that often.

I curled my hair today, as you can see in this picture. Even though I knew all along that as soon as I stepped out of my apartment these curls would be long gone. And I was right – after a ten minute bus ride (to my parents house) all that was left was some chic messy tousled hair. Still looked good though 😉 My hair has the tendency to not do what I tell it to – despite of using thickeners, volume mousse, volume spray, hairspray, gel, wax, paste…

Do you have any style secrets for keeping your curls in place?

This is the outfit sans scarf. I haven’t been a big Odd Molly fan, but I really think this shirt is just darling.

After spending some quality time with my parents (and Oprah – the best part about being home in the day) me and Boyfriend  had a three hour dance practice from six until nine.. Exhausting but so much fun!

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February 22 – Oh la la, the french

I’m working from home today so I had the time to really think about clothes and style – I even used hot rollers in my hair. So I spent this morning being inspired by the french – Birkin, Hardy and of course – Bardot.

I’m not so sure the whole ”big hair” thing really works for me – and I think all the teasing and hairspray is starting to wear off as I’m writing this. But I think this will be my theme this week, trying to channel som Bardot.

The skirt is actually a bit longer than a mini but it travels… as you can tell from the picture. Then I tried this with a cardigan – belting it, because it’s a bit too big for me. I can’t decide if I like this look, because in the pictures it looked good – but I wonder if I won’t be a tad uncomfortable wearing it. Do you wear belted cardigans? If so, any tips or tricks for diminishing the risk for the fabric to be pulling or straining.

Here I ditched the belt, to see what it would look like with everything just loose. It was better with the belt. But I love the leopard print scarf – I think it gives this black/white combo something, making it a little bit more interesting. Now when I’m looking at these photos, I’m thinking about belting the white top, underneath the cardigan. Then adding my scarf to the mix. And for heading out (wich I will do soon, for some much-needed shopping) I think I will add a pair of thermal tights..

For tomorrow, I hope I can come up with a Birgitte Bardot inspired outfit that includes some color. Black and white is nice, but man I miss color.

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February 5 – Bringing back summer

Today I took my inspiration from Candis at Musings around – by layering a skirt over a very thin summer dress. Candis is such a pro at remixing!

I love this dress, even though it’s a little bit too big on top. The color is something between yellow and green (that strange color that you for some strange reason always can find in a box of crayons…) and I usually don’t wear it but I got this dress from my parents a few years ago. They found it at their favourite outlet in Italy – the Armani outlet. They bought it for me one summer when me and Boyfriend was visiting France for a wedding.

I have never tried wearing it as a blouse before but I have to say – I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome! As a dress it pretty much only works for summer with high heels and a very ”put together” look.

The original dress on its own…

Dress + skirt + belt (turned inside out since the outside color is a light blue).
Since the dress is longer than the skirt I had to pull it up over the waistband of the skirt. But I thought it made it look even more like a blouse.

But as you can see it doesn’t look that good from behind… SO, a cardigan or jacket of some sorts felt needed to make this work.

Cardigan number one – purple from Dea Kudibal, a danish brand.

A white short cardigan (the one I ended up wearing) from Kappahl.

And last, but not least – I tried paring it with a short jacket/bolero I bought a week ago, but that I’m thinking of returning….

I loved, and still do, the look of it but it has it’s problems
a) it’s in a strange almost plastic fabric, like fake leather.
b) you have to dry clean it (on the tag it says: wipe it off with cloth)
c) and that was something I didn’t think would be a problem until I wore it a little bit around the house and I’m fearing this fabric will make me sweat a bit
d) and the thing that’s really bugging me – one button is missing but the store had some policy that they wouldn’t knock anything off the price – I don’t really care about the money but I felt a bit cheated when I left the store, like I’d been tricked or something…

What do you think? Should I return it or not?

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January 15

I’m still trying to be inspired by the 1920s. Trying.
This challenge was hard for me, partly because I think my wardrobe lacked a lot of key items AND because the thing I DO own that has the right feel or shape are black, white or gray… Read: Boring!

I like black and neutrals, but in moderation. Too many days of just black and white (like the past couple of days has been) and I just feel… tired. Drained even. I need to wear color – it improves my mood!

But I do really like layering necklaces, something I haven’t been doing before this week. There is something so simple about it still it looks (and feel) really luxurious.

Today I’m wearing my only polo-neck top. I rarely wear it, I’m not sure my neck is long enough to pull it off. Especially when I have my hair down, I feel a bit swamped by it.

The cardigan is from the Swedish chain store Kappahl. I love it, and I like that I’ve found ways to wear it this week, I was actually a bit apprehensive about that when I bought it, because of its shape.

The 20s was difficult, but I feel like next week will be even harder… the 30s. How did people look back then? Do we have any style icons from this period of time? Besides Marlene…?

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January 12 – it’s cold outside

Yep, it’s been snowing even more here. I loved snow for christmas, but now I’m starting to long for spring. I guess it’s hard for the weather to satisfy people 😉

Today I’ve been working from home and had lunch with a friend. So I had to venture outside. That’s why I’m wearing this skirt AGAIN. You see I’m not really wearing tights here – these are thicker and in swedish we call them ”underställ”. I don’t know the correct term in english, but you pretty much wear these underneath your clothes for warmth. But I couldn’t wear them under the black pants I wanted to wear in this outfit. So I went for the skirt.

I think the pearls still say ”20s” to me, and the little cardigan over the simple gray top.. well it kind of has the right feel. But I believe a pair of dark pants would have lended a little bit of a ”men’s wear” feel to it, which would have served the purpose (to be inspired by the 20s) a bit better.

I do really like this outfit though, I think the cardigan keeps the proportions in check and it’s I feel put together but comfortable at the same time. Since my body is aching from last nights practice the comfy aspect is very important today.

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