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March 25 – I Heart Spring. And my dentist.

It’s been amazing today, the sun was shining and it was actually warm! Surely 15 celsius (ok, I’m sorry but I just don’t know what that is in farenheit…). I think spring does something to us who inhabits my two cities (since I work in one and live in one, I consider myself having a pretty nice relationship with both). Suddenly the streets are filled with people, light coats and jackets has jumped out of the closet and all you really want to do is see your friends and be happy.

Do you live in a sunny warm climate all year? Do you experience this kind of massive euphoria all of you all the time? wouldn’t that be something 😉

Skirt Karen Millen, yellow tank and cardigan bought at MQ.

I did something today I know Boyfriend doesn’t like… you can see it in the picture. I’m wearing my shoes inside… But I just wanted you to see the whole outfit for once, since this skirt has such a big print it works best with heels.

I loved wearing a flower print and bright yellow today – Ah spring!


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March 8 – On the sunny side of the street

According to the Danish weathersite, it supposed to be sunny today. So far (it’s about 11 am here) the skies are pretty gray. But I still want to feel sunny, so I jumped at gold and yellow this morning. Also, I’m giving the belted cardigan another try.

I love this scarf to bits, when we were in Teneriffe a couple of weeks ago I pretty much lived in this scarf.

I tried tying it, just a simple loop, to see how it changed the look. I’ve never really though about scarves as a part of my outfit until recently. Prior to that, I just grabbed the one that best suited in terms of color and provided enough warmth and comfort for the day.

The look without the scarf. Somethings missing, right?

For once, I think the whole belted cardigan thing actually worked. I guess the belt was big and sturdy enough, and the cardigan thin enough not to do too much ”bulking”. Actually, without the belt I didn’t like the outfit at all, way too sloppy.

Below: a close-up of my bangles – from India. I love wearing bangles – there’s something freeing, bohemian and romantic about that.

I had a more sophisticated post planned out in my head, but right now I’m pressed for time. Oh well, next time fellow bloggers (who I love to follow)

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February 5 – Bringing back summer

Today I took my inspiration from Candis at Musings around – by layering a skirt over a very thin summer dress. Candis is such a pro at remixing!

I love this dress, even though it’s a little bit too big on top. The color is something between yellow and green (that strange color that you for some strange reason always can find in a box of crayons…) and I usually don’t wear it but I got this dress from my parents a few years ago. They found it at their favourite outlet in Italy – the Armani outlet. They bought it for me one summer when me and Boyfriend was visiting France for a wedding.

I have never tried wearing it as a blouse before but I have to say – I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome! As a dress it pretty much only works for summer with high heels and a very ”put together” look.

The original dress on its own…

Dress + skirt + belt (turned inside out since the outside color is a light blue).
Since the dress is longer than the skirt I had to pull it up over the waistband of the skirt. But I thought it made it look even more like a blouse.

But as you can see it doesn’t look that good from behind… SO, a cardigan or jacket of some sorts felt needed to make this work.

Cardigan number one – purple from Dea Kudibal, a danish brand.

A white short cardigan (the one I ended up wearing) from Kappahl.

And last, but not least – I tried paring it with a short jacket/bolero I bought a week ago, but that I’m thinking of returning….

I loved, and still do, the look of it but it has it’s problems
a) it’s in a strange almost plastic fabric, like fake leather.
b) you have to dry clean it (on the tag it says: wipe it off with cloth)
c) and that was something I didn’t think would be a problem until I wore it a little bit around the house and I’m fearing this fabric will make me sweat a bit
d) and the thing that’s really bugging me – one button is missing but the store had some policy that they wouldn’t knock anything off the price – I don’t really care about the money but I felt a bit cheated when I left the store, like I’d been tricked or something…

What do you think? Should I return it or not?

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December 7 – and the day turned

I got up at 6.30, my bus left at 8.05. I went outside to wait for it at 8… glanced at my cellphone and there was a text message from my teacher – ”Todays anatomy class is canceled”.

It was a  strange feeling to be up that early, and ready for the day – without going anywhere. The outfit took about ten minutes to put together, and five minutes of studying in the mirror afterwards. I wasn’t sure about the yellow (and print!) together with the decorations on the cardigan. But I feel drawn to it, and somehow it just works.

I rarely wear yellow, I have a hard time finding a shade that suits me. This print has a lot of green and brown in it too, wich I think brakes up the yellow. But I think it’s a fantastic color and I wish I could find more pieces that could work for me.

Cardigan: Oasis (a few years back)

Camisole: unknown

and – as always – my velvet jeans. I hadn’t realized until I started this blog how OFTEN I wear these… But it’s the only pair of pants that works for me right now.

In the evening of this day, it was salsa time! The first show was on saturday, the second today, and the last on Tuesday. SO MUCH FUN! Scary, but still so much fun!

Trying to do a salsa-pose here. Sort of 😉 This is one sparkly dress!

Dress: Ichi

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